I realize (as I'm sure you do too!) that I have not been taking pictures every day. I do want to share the ones I do take though :) So, today I took the kids to the zoo. Just the three of us having fun! First stop was a ride around Hermann Park on the train. The kids definitely loved that! Then we went into the zoo, checked out the aquarium, ate lunch, saw some animals, rode the carousel, saw the monkeys, and had an ice cream. All around good fun and I'm glad I got some pictures of it!



This afternoon was a great time to take the kids out to our "field" and take some new pictures. I've been hoping to get Jacob's "2 year" pics done but he's not really one to pose for the camera...unlike a certain big sister I know ;)
We had some fun though and here are a few that made me smile...



Since the boys made it to the blog yesterday, today is my sweet girl's turn. We were sitting outside opening the mail this afternoon and enjoying the beautiful weather when I decided I needed to start breaking out the camera more often! Especially when I was noticing how striking her little freckles across her nose and cheeks are. I was wondering how that would look on her as she gets older and as I uploaded the pictures to my computer my first thought was that she looks just.like.me. So, I guess I know how she'll look! haha! Anyway, enjoy this little cutie today :)

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My two "little" boys. One actually weighs more than me...and I'm guessing the other will too one day :) Hopefully many long drawn out days from now! Somehow they both know how to give those sweet puppy dog faces though.



Today was my baby girl's first day of Pre-K! I think everyone in our household was feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness :) She had a great first day and is looking forward to Thursday when she gets to do it again!



And here is the after with the mirrors from Ballard Designs above the console table I moved from the entryway. I think it fills this little spot nicely.



This is yet another "Before" picture. I have been on a BIG redecorating kick at our house. Could ya tell? So for this picture the focus is on the blank wall by the corner. It has since changed. Be looking for a new picture soon!


Happy Birthday to Emily and Jacob!! While it was not either of their actual birthdays, we had a joint bday pool party for them at our house. It was lots of fun to have all of their friends over to swim, play in the sprinklers or on the playground, and of course...eat lots of cupcake!! I wish I had more pictures of the day, but I was a little busy with the festivities and wasn't sure I could keep my camera dry through it all. So, if you were there and have any good pictures from the day, please send them my way. Thanks!!

220 & 221/365

I have to put these two days together in one post because there is NO WAY that I could leave the first one alone in it's own post! I can't believe how horribly messy this closet was! Can you even count the number of gift bags that have been stashed in there without being folded properly to be reused? I really did not like to even open the doors.

Well, this is what happened. I decided that since I also had a mess going on with my desk area in the breakfast room I needed to relocate my desk to the closet. This way, if it is a mess (which I will try not to let it become) I can close the doors if we have company or if I need to keep the kids out of it. Also, with my computer in its new location I have a better view of the screen without the sun hitting it in the morning and I can see better when editing pictures :)

So, day one was spent cleaning the closet mess, throwing a lot of stuff out, making a trip to Goodwill, and shopping for a new desk.

Day two was spent getting the desk in the closet, setting up all the computer stuff and hanging the chandelier up. (which is not in the picture! I took it too soon.)

So, what do you think of the transformation?? I personally have loved it so far. It's nice to have my own little "nook" and Taylor is loving that I'm working in the office while she's working at her craft table. We spend a lot of time in here now while Jacob is napping!

Before...I hate to even show you this mess!

After...ta da!


So on this day I took a lot of pictures! If the goal was to take 365 pictures in a year I would have far exceeded that. Unfortunately for me, the goal was to do 365 days in a row which I have obviously failed to do :( However, I will continue on and see how the rest of the year goes!

These pictures are from the Southern Living Idea House in Escondido, which is in Horseshoe Bay, TX. I'm fortunate that Eric's grandparents have a lake house near there and that I could just hop over to check it out one day with my sister in law, Lauren! It was fun to see and neat to be able to see where the pieces came from and how they tied it all together. There were tons of stuff I loved, a few things I didn't care for, but mostly it was just fun to look and dream!

The ceiling with stenciled squares in the powder room.

Loved this high ceiling and huge chandelier in the living room.

I want this console for my entry way! I've even been contacting people trying to find out where it's from. Anyone know??

This was the coolest thing. An armoire front built into the stone wall to hide a storage closet.

Love the beam ceilings.

This was an interesting sink in the bar area. I don't think I've ever seen a sink this narrow!

Looking into the master bath from the bedroom. They used this Moroccan type cutout above the doorways in the bathroom which I found a little odd, given the rustic decor everywhere else.

Not sure what this is called but it was really pretty and seemed to thrive in this Texas heat!

A water feature built into a stone fireplace and hearth.

The stone fireplace surrounds one of the many courtyards.

Pretty arrangement in the kitchen. Which, by the way, did not have any upper cabinets.

Gorgeous mud room/laundry room!

Another courtyard on the side of the house. I love the archway door from the motorcourt.

I thought these sun shades were pretty neat over the chairs.

A view of the back of the house and the pool.

Close up view of the console I'm in search of. Anyone???


I'm attempting to update this blog and catch up on what I haven't posted for ummm say a couple weeks now! There's a lot to catch up!

Here's one of Jacob, sitting in his Bilibo. The kids love to spin around in these or to use them as step stools. This is a rare moment when he's trying to check out the tv instead of fly around in circles.